Who we are: 

St. Luke’s is a Church of England School whose vision is to enable every one of our students to live ‘life to the full’. We strive to ensure that every member of our school community lives out our five core values on a daily basis by;

 – Showing Respect

 – Being Inclusive

 – Giving Hope

 – Achieving their Best

 – Taking Responsibility

A message from our Headteacher:

Miss K Sherwood

St. Luke’s is a school that has the very highest expectations of, and for, our students. We enable each and every one of them to become ‘good stewards’ of their own lives and of the world around them by taking personal responsibility for themselves, their learning and their environment. All of our community treat one and another with dignity and respect and we are incredibly proud of our Christian ethos.

This year students at St. Luke’s achieved amazing results and we are very proud of the significant improvements we have made on all headline measures and, more importantly, proud of the students themselves.

Our staff are an incredibly committed team who have a very clear goal;

‘To enable every child in St. Luke’s to have the best educational experience, enabling them to make a positive next step in their education, training and future employment, preparing them to live ‘life to the full’.

We do this through ensuring we have excellent teaching, an academically challenging curriculum that is personalised for every child and through the promotion of high aspiration and achievement.

I encourage you all to peruse our website for more information about the school and welcome anyone who wishes to visit the school to contact us at any time.

With best wishes,

Miss Kealey Sherwood