Aims, Values and EthosĀ 

The Christian faith has shaped our life and culture for over a thousand years. It has been a foundation stone in the search for knowledge; in art, literature and music; and in the way we organise our civic and political institutions. Many people with a passion for justice or the courage to challenge accepted norms have been motivated by a deep faith, and by the example set to them by Jesus. And many ordinary people to this day find a deep vein of personal and spiritual strength in the teachings found in the Bible, especially in the New Testament.

As a Voluntary Controlled Church school we celebrate this living heritage. We recognise that every individual is unique and special, that we all have a hunger for personal fulfilment which is satisfied as much by spiritual goals as by material ones. Because of this, we respect the integrity of every faith tradition and we celebrate the richness that other faiths bring to our 21st century culture. Above all, we want the students in our care to feel that they are all highly valued and equally special children of God.