Ethos for

St Luke’s has a zero tolerance stance on bullying.

We believe in celebrating individual differences and understand that our students learn best when they are accepted, valued, where their strengths are recognised and opportunities are provided to enable them to succeed.

St Luke’s value the experience that parents/carers have and welcome your ideas and feedback. Please click on the consult link to send an email directly to the school office.

To report any instances of bullying please click on the link below which will allow you to send us an email detailing your concerns.

Report Bullying Now

1. Our annual whole school Anti-Bullying Week.

We take part in this national initiative every November. During the week we have assemblies centered on recognizing different types of bullying and empowering students with strategies to deal with it. We also provide our tutors with resources so they can discuss assembly themes in more detail with students to ensure they know who to report an incidents to.


2. Our annual whole school Anti-Bullying survey.

Every student takes part in this survey. The results tell us how safe our students are feeling both in school and travelling to and from school and gives them an opportunity to feedback ideas for further improving our zero tolerance to bullying at St Luke’s.


3. Our annual whole school ‘Fit2Succeed’ survey.

Every student takes part in this survey which focuses on our students whole school experience including our zero tolerance to bullying.


4. Our termly assemblies addressing relevant themes 

such as friendship issues, respect and diversity. These assemblies reinforce our positive culture for learning and remind students that with a positive attitude we can overcome difficulties without falling out or bullying each other.


5. Our extra-curricular sports programme

reinforces the importance of social skills during sports that can then be transferred into the classroom. The requirement for every student to respect one another and be willing to be a team player underpins everything we do at St Luke’s.


6. St Luke’s have been awarded The BIG Award for two consecutive years.

This is a nationally recognised award which demonstrates that St Luke’s takes bullying seriously and prioritises this work in College.


7. We update our Anti-Bullying Policy

in line with both Devon County Council and national guidelines annually. We last updated our policy January 2018.


8. We review our student version of our Anti-Bullying Policy annually.

Our student version is developed in consultation with our College Council and enables students to contribute to our anti-bullying policy.


9. We conduct annual staff training

on anti-bullying guidelines to ensure our staff have the confidence and strategies to intervene early to deal with bullying issues.


10. We train staff in restorative practice which repairs harm and is solution focused.

Restorative practice provides an underpinning ethos and philosophy for making, maintaining and repairing relationships and for fostering a sense of social responsibility and shared accountability.


11. We train our older students to become Peer Mentors to our younger students.

All of our student peer mentors are trained in restorative practice and work with younger students to help them resolve any harm that has been caused and support them in reporting an incident. In addition, this year we have trained 30 students to become Student Welfare Ambassadors with their specific role designed to ensure that every student feels that they have somebody to talk to whenever they are finding life at school, and beyond, challenging. Our Student Welfare Ambassadors play a crucial role in ensuring that St. Luke’s is a safe and happy place for all.


12. We realise that bullying can cause emotional harm

and we will always treat it as a safeguarding issue and work with outside agencies if appropriate.

St Luke’s is a wonderful place; is a school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.

Kealey Sherwood, Headteacher