The intent of the Drama curriculum at St Luke’s C of E School is to develop Drama students that are communicative, creative, collaborative, confident, passionate, engaged, curious and enthusiastic about Drama. We believe that students should have access to a broad and ambitious Drama curriculum, which embeds skills and knowledge of the theatre and performance process, which allows them to develop a love of the performance arts. 

  • Our drama curriculum will give students the opportunity to:
  • develop core transferable skills that underpin both personal development and successful drama
  • devise creative and imaginative performance
  • apply a range of conventions and styles to structure innovative performance
  • interpret and perform a range of existing scripts applying their own artistic vision
  • develop written evaluative skills embedded with subject specific language
  • appreciate live performance
  • participate in a range of performance genres, through performance and technical support
  • design imaginative set, costume, music, lights, make up and props to enhance performance
  • understand the process of planning, rehearsing and reviewing performance
  • in talk, articulate and express their ideas, views and opinions about a wide range of topics and issues clearly, confidently and respectfully
  • develop their individual character, including their confidence, resilience and independence contributing positively to the life of the school
  • explore contemporary issues, in a safe and environment
  • empathise and engage with others outside their own social, cultural and historical setting

The intent of our curriculum is implemented through our pedagogy, our curriculum, our enrichment programme and the culture we create in our sessions.

Our pedagogy is underpinned by:

  • A rigorous, systematic and well-structured approach to the teaching of performance
  • Use of teacher modelling, and the use of challenging modern and classic texts
  • A range of strategies to develop innovative and imaginative performance
  • Constant support and feedback for both written and practical work
  • Opportunities for students to act upon feedback and improve and redraft work

We will enrich our curriculum by:

  • Establishing cross curricular links
  • Providing suitable, regular theatre visits
  • Encouraging students to support and contribute to the department and the wider school
  • Producing regular school shows for public audience, through GCSE/BTEC showcase evenings and whole school productions
  • Participate in performance opportunities out of school where possible
  • Workshops with drama practitioners

Our culture will enable students to:

  • Learn in a sequential and progressive structure
  • Develop new skills through a range of different contexts to engage them
  • Understand what they need to do to improve
  • Feel valued and respected for their contribution
  • Develop a deeper understanding British values
  • To explore and develop their spiritual, social, moral and cultural understanding

The Impact of this curriculum and our work will be:

  • that an increasing number of students go on to study Drama and the Performing Arts in further education
  • that students achieve their full potential and are successful in Drama
  • that students work towards being strong in The 5 ‘C’s: communication (and Drama skills), creativity (and Drama knowledge), collaboration, confidence and concentration
  • that St Luke’s students contribute to local, regional and national performing Arts agendas, events and strategies
  • that students have a full understanding of the role that the Drama/Theatre/The Arts play in the world and their potential for playing their part in ‘making the world a better place’

that students have a thorough understanding of Theatre/Drama and its place in the world; past present and in the future

The big questions

The big questions posed by our curriculum are:

  • How can we show respect to others?
  • What shapes our identity?
  • How should we treat people from different backgrounds to ourselves?
  • What is wrong about racism?
  • How can we brave the unknown?
  • Why do inequalities and social divides exist?
  • How do we respond when we see something wrong happening?
  • What is social injustice? How can we fight for social justice? 
5 Year Plan


St Luke’s is a wonderful place.
A school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.

Kealey Sherwood, Headteacher