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We are building a rich and diverse enrichment programme at St Luke’s. We want all of our students, regardless of background, to have the opportunity to take part in activities outside of the classroom.

Starting in year 7, we have the after school enrichment programme with options ranging from sports to science to music and everything in between. Students are welcome to suggest ideas for clubs through the student executive and year group councils – we will always do our best to offer them.

Enrichment Week

We run a summer enrichment week each year, with students selecting from a wide range of activities to suit their interests and talents.  Each enrichment week, we aim to have at least one overseas trip, a mixture of residential options and lower cost in school activities.  All of the trips, visits and activities are designed to broaded students horizons through enriching their cultural capital or by taking a subject well beyond the ‘normal’ classroom curriculum.

Enrichment Week 2023

In School
Enrichment Options


At our school, we take pride in offering a diverse and engaging Enrichments Programme designed to foster creativity, personal growth, and a love for learning.

Kick-start your morning with our before-school clubs, where students can explore their interests and passions in a relaxed and supportive environment. During break time, students have the opportunity to participate in various clubs and the excitement continues into the afterschool hours, where our Enrichments Programme extends learning beyond the standard curriculum. From sports and arts to STEM activities, our afterschool clubs provide students with a chance to delve deeper into their areas of interest and develop essential life skills.

Join us in creating an educational experience that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, fostering a community of lifelong learners!

Please see below link for our Spring Term Enrichment offer:

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Performing Arts

Each year we hold several performing arts events, from smaller in school events such as the Christmas Performing Arts show, to much larger productions such as the yearly musical, there is something for everyone to get involved in.

Outdoor Education

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

We are delighted to be a licenced organisation for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. The DofE scheme is designed to offer the participant opportunities to develop independence and teamwork. It is also recognised by potential employers and prospective businesses and companies as a good indicator of all-round personal development. In addition to this, the scheme intends to foster and encourage the principles of self-reliance, commitment and patience in participants.

The scheme itself consists of three Awards: Bronze Award (Years Nine), Silver Award (available to Year Ten students who have completed Bronze) and Gold Award (available for students aged 16+ at Exeter College). Each has four common sections (Volunteering, Skill, Physical and Expedition) while Gold has an additional one (Residential). We currently offer Bronze Award to Year 9 and Silver Award to Year 10.

For more information, please contact Mr Matthews or Mr Haynes ( or

Ten Tors Challenge

We also run the Ten Tors Challenge for our Year 10 students, giving them the opportunity to compete competitively in the summer event.  Students work as part of a team to meet the strict criteria for their kit and personal fitness for the event.  Students opt to join the challenge in the Autumn term with students completing training throughout the school year.

St Luke’s is a wonderful place; is a school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.


Having seen the amazing impact of our coaching programme, we're proud to have been selected as a Steplab Coaching Hub, supporting leaders to implement high quality professional development across their school. We love visitors and you're guaranteed lots of practical ideas and bottomless tea, coffee and biscuits! To find out more about our approach to instructional coaching, check out this free downloadable beginner's'guide written by Peps McCrea, Director of Research at Steplab. To book a coaching hub visit to our school, just email the friendly team at