Governing Body at St Luke's Church of England School

Continually Challenging and Supporting

Safeguarding all pupils and staff

The consistent application of policies and procedures

Liaise with staff to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

Use views and experience to form strategic priorities for development

Keeping the work of the school under review and acting on findings

Engage effectively with parents, carers, pupils and the wider school community

Support the work of the staff by being innovative, flexible and adaptable


The ability of a governing body to work together for the good of the college depends on trust and an understanding of common purpose. The Code of Practice we have adopted is:

  • We have responsibility for determining, monitoring and keeping under review the broad policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates.

  • We recognise that the Principal is responsible for the implementation of policy, day-to-day management of the College and the implementation of the curriculum.

  • We accept that all governors have equal status, and although elected and appointed by different groups (e.g. parents, staff, Local Authority) our overriding concern will be the welfare of the college as a whole.

  • We have no legal authority to act individually, except when the governing body has given us delegated authority to do so.

  • We have a duty to act fairly and without prejudice, and in so far as we have responsibility for the employment of the staff, we will fulfil all that is reasonably expected of a good employer.

  • We will encourage open government and should be seen to be doing so.

  • We will consider carefully how our decisions may affect other schools.