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At St Luke’s we’re passionate about homework as we know the benefits it can have for our students. Our homework is research informed and focuses on ensuring the most important knowledge is retained by students in their long term memory.

After extensive research the Education Endowment Foundation states that students who complete regular and purposeful homework can make more than 5 months additional progress during their time at school and consequently achieve significantly higher grades at GCSE.

At St Luke’s students complete one hour of homework each night following a homework timetable. This is either through completing cornell notes or on Sparx. Our homework is inextricably linked to our curriculum. The content that students learn at home is quizzed at the start of lessons in school.

Homework is set through sparx or their ‘knowledge organiser’. A knowledge organiser is a book of knowledge that students will be given at the start of each ‘learning cycle’. The content on the knowledge organiser is broken in to 10 weeks and contains the most important key facts, definitions and knowledge that students need to embed in to their long term memory.

For each subject, students will complete one page of Cornell notes on a page of their homework book which will look like the image below. They will do this by taking notes, summarising the most important content, writing 5 quiz questions and then covering their notes and self-quizzing.  

Corenll notes come from Cornell University and beyond helping our students retain knowledge, teach students key skills they’ll need throughout school, college, university if they choose to go and their working life.

The Cornell notes and their quiz questions they create are also crucial to help students revise for their assessments which take place every 10 weeks.

If you would like to see how to complete cornell notes please see the video to the left.

If your child would like support with their homework we offer daily support in our school library (3.10-4.10).

For general homework enquiries please contact Alex Evans (Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning):

For homework enquiries regarding SEND students please contact Tamar Busby (SENDCO):

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