St Luke’s
House System

We have a successful and nurturing pastoral system at St Luke’s. All students are allocated to one of 4 houses which are named after Scientists and are identifiable by their colour.

Each student wears a house tie of the house they represent during their time at St Luke’s. Each house has its own individuality and students quickly form an allegiance to their house. The competitiveness and determination of Students shines through during the inter-house activities throughout the year with the pinnacle being sports day.

House Captains

At the beginning of the academic year students from key stage 4 are elected as House Captain and Vice House captain. The job of these students is to take responsibility for the leadership and organisation of their house council throughout the forthcoming academic year.

Darwin House

Darwin house takes its inspiration from Charles Darwin, the author of the theory of evolution.

The one thing we can all be sure of is that nothing stays the same. It is in everybody’s power to make that change positive.
The world around us changes. It presents us with challenges. We learn from and adapt to those changes.

In Darwin House a team of experienced tutors provide a support structure for the enjoyment of learning and the celebration of the individual

Darwin students are involved throughout the college, be it at the highest level of college council, sports captaincy or extending to the wider community through initiatives like the Duke of Edinburgh award. Our talents and skills are regularly celebrated in talent shows, sports days and other events and initiatives.

Darwin students meet the challenge of change and rise to it.
Darwin students achieve when they thought they could not.
Darwin students ‘evolve’ into rounded young people.

Mr M Roberts

Mr M Roberts

Darwin Head of House

Franklin House

Franklin house is named after Benjamin Franklin, an extraordinary man who was an author, businessman, politician and inventor.

He invented the lightning rod which prevented buildings from burning if struck by lightning. He also established the first library and fire department in America, and helped write the American constitution, which sets out people’s basic rights.

Like Benjamin did, everyone in Franklin house is encouraged to get involved in their community and have a positive impact on those around them; whether that is in playing music, being a sports leader, or simply being a good friend.

Our vision is that all students in Franklin feel safe, do their best and make a positive impact on those around them.

We have a brilliant team of tutors who work together with students’ parents and carers to support students, as well as setting high expectations to enable students to do their absolute best.

Students’ achievements are celebrated in tutor times and assemblies, and the house council represent the views of their tutor groups, ensuring that staff and students work together to make Franklin House the best it can be.

Mrs J Robson

Mrs J Robson

Franklin Head of House

Galileo House

Galileo house is named after the renaissance scientist and inventor Galileo Galilei

Galileo. A great man. An even greater House.
Just like the renowned scientist and inventor, Galileo students are innovative, inventive and interesting. They are at the heart of the House.

They unite in times of challenge, rise to the occasion in competitive situations and enjoy having fun.
Their individuality is recognised and appreciated while their many achievements are regularly celebrated including academic attainment and those achievements that happen beyond the walls of the classroom.

A variety of skills and talents are nurtured, encouraged and showcased in celebration assemblies while individual needs are recognised and supported accordingly.
Galileo students strive to be the best that they can be.

Galileo. A great House.

Ms O Balue

Ms O Balue

Galileo Head of House

Rutherford House

Rutherford house is named after Ernest Rutherford, the father of modern nuclear physics.

Ernest recognised that even the smallest things are important and as a house we follow this ideal.
In Rutherford House we celebrate each other’s successes and we work hard to overcome any challenges placed before us.
Rutherford students pay attention to detail, are hard working, motivated and enjoy all that St Luke’s has to offer.

Our strong team of tutors know each child as an individual and work with them to help all enjoy and achieve throughout their school life.
We promote activities beyond the curriculum and in the wider community. Rutherford students are involved in College council, Eco Cubs, as Sports Captains and in every aspect of life in Exeter.

Rutherford House welcomes parents, carers, students and staff into one inclusive House. We believe that communication is vital to our shared success.

We talk, we support, we succeed.

In Rutherford House we believe that aspiration leads to success. We all aspire to be Magnificent.

Mr M Kelly

Mr M Kelly

Rutherford Head of House

St Luke’s is a wonderful place.
A school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.

Kealey Sherwood, Headteacher