At St Luke’s Church of England School, the Mathematics department’s vision is to teach a knowledge rich Mathematics curriculum through which pupils develop a deep and lasting conceptual understanding of Mathematics.

“Everything we do is underpinned by the desire to ensure that pupils live life to the full.”  

In Key Stage 3 pupils follow the Sparx scheme of learning, allowing us to integrate the use of cutting edge educational technology on the Sparx platform.  Pupils regularly revisit key topics and concepts building up their knowledge over time.

In KS4 we follow the Pearson Edexcel specification at both higher and foundation tiers.  For those who are interested and have shown good academic potential throughout KS3, we offer Further Mathematics and Statistics combined as a GCSE option.  This is an excellent platform from which pupils can go on and be highly successful at A Level Mathematics and beyond. Indeed, Further Mathematics includes some of the key concepts from the first year of A Level, such as differentiation and matrices.

From the outset, pupils are grouped in sets that allow teachers to tailor lessons to individual needs and talents more effectively.

For pupils in all year groups their homework is set through our online adaptive learning platform, Sparx.  Sparx is able to personalise homework to individual pupils, pushing them just the right amount to make progress.  Pupils are rewarded through ‘XP’ which they earn through completing work and extra optional and targeted tasks on Sparx – once they reach a certain level of points pupils are presented with Sparx badges, which they can wear on their school blazers with pride.

Mathematics at St Luke’s Church of England School is incredibly exciting – the connections and links that you can make between concepts are limitless!

“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.”