Modern Foreign Languages 

Language learning is highly valued at St Luke’s and we aim to promote not only a lifelong love of languages but also to enrich understanding of a student’s own native language.  All students joining St Luke’s in year 7 are given the choice of which language they would like to study in Key Stage 3.  Students can choose between French, German and Spanish.  Students are encouraged to buy a bi-lingual dictionary to help them with their learning and they are also given the opportunity to purchase a workbook which they can use at home to help with their homework.  (Photocopied worksheets can be provided for those students who do not wish to purchase one).  Some students will have the opportunity to learn a second additional language during year 8 and 9.


The MFL department consists of four dedicated language teachers and a specialist language TA who supports the curriculum across both Key Stages 3 and 4.  Opportunities to enhance the experience of MFL learning, such as trips abroad, research opportunities, cultural enrichment, library lessons to read authentic native texts, songs and lunchtime activities are offered as standard.


Homework is set once per week for MFL, this can consist of learning, writing and research.  It is expected that all students will complete any homework set to give them the best possibility in making progress.  All homework is differentiated by the teachers to ensure that the work set is relevant to each individual student.