We are very lucky at St Luke’s to have built up a department that is equipped with a suite of Yamaha electronic keyboards (all identical) and a dedicated suite of music PC’s each with their own touch sensitive musical keyboard, midi modules and headphones. Two full size electronic pianos, a traditional piano and a newly refurbished Bechstein grand piano. A suite of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, three drum kits, a large variety of percussion instruments including a complete samba set. Recent developments include the purchase of a set of professional hand bells. All of these are available to students for the appreciation and development of their musical senses.

The idea behind music lessons at St Luke’s is very much influenced by my own recollection of music lessons when I was a young student. Although I was already fairly skilled at piano playing, having had many lessons outside of school, I was still made to re-learn all the theory at a very elementary level in most of the lessons in school and expected to be a quiet good boy and appreciate it all! Well, anyone who knows me will understand that that was not a good plan for me at all! Consequently I decided very early on in the delivery of my music teaching to create a curriculum that not only was specifically designed to teach many varying abilities of music but also to be very extensive in its range of topics and musical experiences.Anyone with either a lot of musical knowledge or very little indeed will experience many varied and unusual opportunities throughout the many music lessons taught, the whole approach being laced with my own quirky sense of humour.

Instrumental Lessons

Extra-curricular instrumental lessons are currently offered on flute, saxophone, clarinet, keyboard, drums, trumpet, and guitar.  Clubs currently include: Choir, instrumental groups, a hand-bell group and an instrumental ensemble.  Many performance opportunities exist including internal talent shows, concerts, creative evenings and the huge undertaking of the annual whole college production.