The intent of the Music Curriculum at St Luke’s C of E School is borne out of a desire to foster a love of music in all students.  We want to instil an enthusiasm and passion for music because we know that this helps to create a curious mind and this can only benefit students in achieving their best. We always aim to teach high quality practical based lessons that are designed to challenge students to achieve their best in every lesson.  Our approach is underpinned by our school values; our lessons demand that the students collaborate on a regular basis in order to perform and create music, regardless of their background or previous experience.  We believe that this helps them to build strong and respectful working relationships and better prepare them for when they move onto their future pathways/careers.


At Key Stage 3, we teach students a broad set of skills that enable them to perform, create and analyse music.  We teach all students a core set of musical skills that include:

  • Reading notation
  • Identifying and playing notes on the keyboard
  • Forming and creating chords and chord sequences
  • Understanding and identifying the elements of music
  • Song writing
  • Using technology to create music 

By introducing students to a wide range of contemporary and historical musical styles we aim to help them broaden their musical awareness.

This in turn, we feel, helps students to become well rounded and confident musicians.


The impact of our curriculum will be that all students at St Luke’s to leave us with a greater understanding and appreciation for music, be that music-making or appreciating music and its ability to help us all live life to the full.. 

St Luke’s is a wonderful place; is a school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.

Kealey Sherwood, Headteacher

At St Luke's, we are a Steplab Coaching Hub and use Steplab to power our professional development. To find out more about our approach to instructional coaching, check out this guide. To book a coaching hub visit to our school, email