St Luke’s

Our school chaplains play a really important role in supporting students to explore, experience and be equipped to live life to the full. A number of our chaplains are leaders from local churches and we are really grateful to them for volunteering their time to support St Luke’s students and staff.

Each chaplain is linked to a year group, and they lead assemblies for that year group every other week. The chaplains also support students through mentoring, and many students have benefitted previously from being able to meet with and talk to a chaplain.

Our current chaplains:

Year 7 – Ben Slater

Year 8 – Mr Bvumbura

Year 9 – Jon Hancock

Year 10 – Helen Sherlock

Year 11 – Mr Greenhalgh  

We want the students in our care to feel that they are all highly valued and equally special children of God

Ben Slater

Year 7 Chaplain

Mr Tendy Bvumbura

Year 8 Chaplain

Jon Hancock

Year 9 Chaplain

Helen Sherlock

Year 10 Chaplain

Mr Joe Greenhalgh

Year 11 Chaplain

St Luke’s is a wonderful place; is a school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.

Kealey Sherwood, Headteacher