St Luke’s

The Christian faith has shaped our life and culture for over a thousand years. It has been a foundation stone in the search for knowledge; in art, literature and music; and in the way we organise our civic and political institutions. Many people with a passion for justice or the courage to challenge accepted norms have been motivated by a deep faith, and by the example set to them by Jesus. And many ordinary people to this day find a deep vein of personal and spiritual strength in the teachings found in the Bible, especially in the New Testament.

We want the students in our care to feel that they are all highly valued and equally special children of God

Mindful Moments

Each week we have a quote or thought for the week.  Students reflect on these through ‘mindful moments’ in their tutor time and discussions can be heard around the school.

The photo on thr right is this week’s mindful moment, previous weeks can be found below.

W/B 5th July

As a Voluntary Controlled Church school we celebrate this living heritage. We recognise that every individual is unique and special, that we all have a hunger for personal fulfilment which is satisfied as much by spiritual goals as by material ones. Because of this, we respect the integrity of every faith tradition and we celebrate the richness that other faiths bring to our 21st century culture. Above all, we want the students in our care to feel that they are all highly valued and equally special children of God.

Christian or not, most people agree that morally Jesus was a good leader. He stood up for people that society overlooked, taught and trained those that often had little and gave gently corrective words to those that were part of the oppressive system. All in all, Jesus ensured that people generally left being with him in a better state than which they came. Jesus guided and helped those around him to live, life to the full.

It’s these key principles of being open to all, teaching with the aim of self-improvement, guiding those that need a reminder but throughout, enabling all of those people to live a fuller life that St Luke’s wishes to emulate.

Each of our values are ones that we believe all people can relate to. These are principles from the bible, but they are not exclusive only to those that follow the bible. Showing respect and being inclusive are key morals within modern day society but they are also the example that Jesus set to his followers. Giving hope is something many people seek and is what Jesus continually did through his life and death. Jesus encouraged his apostles to achieve their best by teaching them knowledge, but also supporting them to overcome barriers. These principles are some of the foundation blocks of education. Finally taking responsibility is what all Christians are encouraged to do both of each other and the world around us, both of which are hot topics in today’s society.

As a Church of England school we seek to have our roots firmly planted in the example of Jesus. However, these teachings are ones which can be seen as morally good throughout society and as a school open to all, it is crucial they can be related to by each and every member of St Luke’s – whether in the context of faith or morality.

St Luke’s is a wonderful place.
A school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.

Kealey Sherwood, Headteacher