Our Senior Leadership Team

Kealey Sherwood



I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of St. Luke’s Church of England School. St. Luke’s is a very special place with fantastic students and amazing staff. I feel very privileged to work alongside such dedicated staff, governors and volunteers, all of whom strive to provide the very best opportunities for our students. Our goal is simple, to provide the very best educational experience for our students to enable them to move on to their next aspirational step in education, employment or training. We aim to do this through high quality teaching, delivery of an academically challenging curriculum for all and by ensuring that every student feels happy and safe. We endeavour to add to every child’s experience through the provision of a vibrant extra-curricular programme and by opening their eyes to the wider world.

Everything we do at St. Luke’s is underpinned by our five core values; Showing Respect, Giving Hope, Taking Responsibility, Being Inclusive and Achieving Your Best. It is these values that ensure our students are happy, supported, nurtured and can enjoy school life in an exciting, friendly and purposeful atmosphere. We are extremely proud of our Christian distinctiveness and how this enables us to reach our vision of ensuring that every child can live ‘life to the full’.

St. Luke’s is a Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust school which is an 11-strong Trust responsible for the education of over 8,000 young people. The Trust was established in 2010 with the aim of creating an outstanding educational experience for all of Exeter’s children. As a Trust school we benefit vastly from the knowledge and expertise of a range of colleagues and have numerous opportunities in which to share good practice.

In 2019, our students achieved excellent results with the percentage of students achieving 5 or more subjects at grade 9-4 including English and Maths being 53. This is a fantastic testament to their hard work and determination but also to the team of dedicated staff that work here with them.

St. Luke’s is a wonderful school and at the very heart of this are the people. Our students are our best ambassadors as confident, respectful and caring young people who show immense pride in their school and achievements. We are so very proud of each and every one of them.

Amy Grashoff 

Director of Quality of Education for the Ted Wragg Trust


I am delighted to be supporting St Luke’s in my role as Director of Quality of Education for the Ted Wragg Trust. 

I am passionate about teaching and learning; for me what happens in the classroom on a day to day basis is absolutely critical in ensuring that children receive the best educational experience possible while they are at school. Being a teacher allows you to inspire, create and challenge young minds; to open their eyes, to pique their curiosity and foster aspirations and ambition and to develop a real thirst for learning and a wish to find out more. It is such a critical role in the development of young people, and such an influential one, that it is fundamentally important that it is done well, that the quality of teaching in the classroom is such that children crave to learn more; are aspiring to great things and committed to put the effort in to work with their teacher to get there.  

Robbie Hallam

Deputy Headteacher


As Deputy Headteacher responsible for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare, my vision is clear – to be a kind, safe, happy and successful school in which students have many opportunities to grow and develop as leaders and responsible citizens who contribute positively within the community. We are already making great strides in promoting a positive, business-like culture at St Luke’s, with the introduction of a smarter uniform, higher standards and expectations of behaviour within the classroom and at social times and a strong focus on praise, recognition and rewarding students for positive work and behaviour at every opportunity.

A big personal priority is to change student and parental perceptions around bullying at St Luke’s. I am passionate about being a safe and kind school, where students enjoy their learning. I intend to do this through education on what actually constitutes bullying, regular communication with parents about how we tackle bullying instances in school and a robust approach when we do experience such instances, applying restorative principles.

I aim to utilise student voice and leadership effectively at all levels within school and empower the students to lead on change and the issues they feel passionately about in terms of school improvement.

I am thoroughly looking forward to working with the amazing young people of St Luke’s to mould, create and grow the type of school we all want and feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to do so. 

Emma Britton

Assistant Headteacher/ head of English


Having worked at St Luke’s since 2000, I am now one of the longest-serving members of staff and I still come to work every day with a smile on my face because St Luke’s is an amazing place to be. During my time here, I have seen the school undergo many changes and I am ready for the next phase in our development working alongside the Ted Wragg Trust.

My role this year is, among other things, to develop whole school literacy so that all of our students are able to access the curriculum and articulate their thinking with confidence. I am passionate about providing students with the skills and vocabulary needed in order to live ‘life to the full’ and communicate effectively so that they can succeed in whichever path they choose to follow beyond St Luke’s.

As part of the development of literacy, I am excited to be leading our tutorial reading programme – I cannot think of a better way to start the day than by reading a good book! 

Lindsay Coren

Assistant Headteacher/ head of Maths


I am proud to be part of the Senior Leadership Team this year, at an exciting time at St Luke’s, whilst we extend our partnership working with schools within the Ted Wragg Trust. I have the responsibility for leading data across the college, looking at assessment and achievement of our students, and my aim is that our students reach their potential – beyond that they ever believe is possible.

I joined St Luke’s in September 2010, and as Head of Maths, have enjoyed the significant improvements to the results of St Luke’s in recent years. I firmly believe that all students, regardless of their starting points, have the chance to succeed. I strive to ensure that this is realised by setting the very highest expectations across all areas of our academic or vocational curriculum. I am always immensely proud on GCSE results day, but not just of students improved academic results, but following St Luke’s ethos, of the confident young people our students have grown into.

Nick Murray

Assistant Headteacher/ SENDCO 


I feel very fortunate and privileged to be the Assistant Principal here at St Luke’s Church of England School. My main responsibilities in my role are Inclusion, Safeguarding and being the SENDCO of the school.

My role at school is varied, challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. There are many aspects of my job that require various skills such as team work, time management, prioritising,  determination and compassion, all of which I . At all times I am child focussed and this allows me to access the very best education provision that suits an individual student and their needs. I have a love and enthusiasm for the goal I am ultimately working towards which is providing the best individual academic opportunities for all pupils.

Alex Evans

Associate SLT/ head of PE & DT


I am incredibly proud to be part of the leadership at St Luke’s and leading a number of subject areas, all of which I feel passionately about. As Head of Physical Education, Design and Technology, Dance and Health and Social Care, I am responsible for subjects which provide our students with amazing experiences both within and outside of the classroom, enabling them to live our school ethos ‘life to the full’.

I am committed to improving the quality of education in every classroom through our Precision Coaching programme. We introduced this in September and I currently have the privilege of developing and refining this project to ensure all teachers receive regular feedback and bespoke professional development in order that every teacher can improve. This model of improving teaching and learning has had huge success internationally and in many of the outstanding schools we are now partnered with. We are already witnessing a positive impact on the teaching and learning at St Luke’s.

St Luke’s is a fantastic school with incredible staff and students and I feel proud to be a part of the leadership team and the school’s journey of exciting and rapid improvement.

Joe Greenhalgh

Associate SLT/ head of Humanities


I have thoroughly enjoyed working at St Luke’s since 2012 and have been privileged to work with a variety of inspiring and gifted staff and students, including in the History department which I currently lead. 

As part of my role on the Senior Leadership Team, I am responsible for students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development through assemblies, tutorials and the curriculum. This involves working with our excellent team of chaplains from local churches, who lead assemblies and mentor students. My aim is to earth our Christian ethos and vision of ‘life to the full’ in daily school life and provide students with opportunities to consider life’s big issues and questions, and begin to form their own worldview.

I am also responsible for our provision for higher attaining students, and am passionate about broadening students’ horizons through providing the chance for them to experience subjects and aspects of culture that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to. This is an area that we are really looking to develop and I am excited about the possibilities ahead. 

Maria Shepherd

Associate SLT/ head of MFL


I have worked at St Luke’s for 11 years as a classroom teacher, Head of MFL and now as part of the Senior Leadership Team.  My new role gives me the opportunity to help shape the future of the school in what are very exciting times.  I am passionate about the education of young people, not only academically, but holistically too.  St Luke’s SLT, Governing Body and all of its staff are also committed to this education and nurturing of all students who arrive with us which is why it is the ideal place for me to work!

In addition to continuing to lead the MFL department, my role this year is to develop Curriculum Enrichment opportunities, manage our EAL provision and ensure that our Feedback for Progress policy does just what it says “on the tin”!   I am also one of the school “coaches”, helping to ensure our teaching across the school is the best it can be and supporting teaching staff to be the best they can be.  The wide variety of jobs in my role ensure I keep busy, but I always arrive with a smile on my face ready for the day, week and term ahead!