Physical Education


The Intent of Physical Education Curriculum at St Luke’s C of E School is to develop Physical Education students that are passionate, engaged and enthusiastic about physical activity. The curriculum aims to develop students physically, mentally, socially and ensures students have a greater understanding of health in order that they live life to the full. 

Physical Me – Developing Performance & Physical Literacy:

  • Have the opportunity to experience a balanced and varied curriculum allowing students to participate in a wide variety of activities covering invasion, racket, striking and fielding, aesthetics and athletics. 
  • Students can develop the ability to perform advanced techniques to a high standard in practice and competition and can demonstrate fluency and control regardless of the situation, regularly outwitting opponents.
  • Students have a big influence on the outcome of competitive situations and are able to develop skills in different scenarios, individually, as pairs and in groups or teams.
  • Develop their physical literacy and a lifelong love of sports and physical exercise. 

Thinking Me – Developing Analytical, Evaluation and Decision Making Skills:

  • Students can accurately analyse and evaluate their performance leading to well informed decisions on how to improve.
  • Students develop strong knowledge of tactics and strategies to outwit opponents.
  • Students develop their decision making during competitive situations as a performer, manager and official.
  • Students develop their ability to evaluate justify and make decisions in a practical and theoretical context.
  • Students apply their mathematical knowledge to their understanding of PE, including measuring, timing, estimating and analysing data.

Healthy Me – Developing Personal Health and Activity Levels

  • Students understand the principles of training and how to exercise safely. 
  • Students will develop an understanding about the wide range of fitness components and can apply them to a variety of sporting activities.
  • Students develop a strong understanding of what a healthy active lifestyles is and how I can achieve it
  • Students make positive informed choices around their health, well-being and diet. 
  • Students can link the benefits of a healthy diet and physical activity to mental and physical well-being. 
  • Students will develop their understanding on the different methods of training.
  • Students will develop an understanding of anatomy and physiology and the impact of exercise on the body.
  • Students will develop an understanding of sport psychology and how it impacts performance.
  • Students will develop an understanding on the importance of sportsmanship, etiquette and target setting.

Social Me – Developing communication, leadership and resilience

  • Through sport staff will promote the school values of showing respect, achieving your best, being inclusive, taking responsibilityand giving hope. They will explicitly link scenarios in lessons with the importance of these values.
  • Students take a leading role in showing knowledge, organisation and communicating.
  • Students will regularly help others during lessons.
  • Students will confidently attempt challenging questions.
  • Students will understand that if they keep trying then they will improve.
  • Students will develop their leadership, independence and teamwork skills through sport, physical activity and movement.
  • Students will have the opportunity to represent their school, house and community.

The intent of our curriculum is implemented through: 

  • Carefully sequenced and researched based curriculum.
  • Incremental challenge across the four key strands on a five year learning journey.
  • A breadth of experiences and choice across curriculum, extra-curricular and exam courses.
  • Quality first teaching.
  • Highly focused schemes of work and lessons design with high demands for all students. 
  • Appropriate use of teacher questioning, modelling and explaining.
  • Regular use of encouragement and praise to motivate students.
  • Appropriate intervention for underperforming students.
  • Consistent approaches in teaching across department

The impact of our curriculum will be:

  • Yearly survey shows high percentage of students reaching recommended guidelines of physical activity.
  • Year survey shows high percentage of students enjoy and value PE lessons.
  • High percentage of students are involved with the leadership academy.
  • High percentage of students will be at expected level in PE assessments.
  • 20% of students complete the YSA award.
  • High percentage of students engage in extra-curricular programme.
  • High percentage of students represent their school in a sporting context.
  • All students represent their house in a sporting context throughout the year.
  • Students have the opportunity in school to exercise for an hour every single day.
  • 50%+ of the year group choose to take a PE or Health Course option in year 9.
  • Positive progress 8 score in every single PE and Health Course is achieved each year.
  • High percentage of students take part in sport outside of school to strong links in the community.
  • Students leave school with a high level of knowledge around health as evidenced by multiple choice tests in core PE assessment weeks.
  • Students leave school as confident young people who can lead others. ‘leading others in sport’
  • Recognise physical activity in terms of impact on mental health. 
The big questions

The big questions posed by our curriculum are:

  • Why is movement important and how is it important to me?
  • How intricate and amazing is the human body?
  • How will being healthy help me live life to the full?
  • How should I act in sport and as a member of a society? Why is that important?
  • How can understanding my psychology and setting targets improve my performance in sport and life?
5 Year Plan


St Luke’s is a wonderful place.
A school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.

Kealey Sherwood, Headteacher