Personal, Social and Health Education is taught to all students between years 7 – 10. Students are given provision on this topic through dedicated sessions off timetable. Students receive a variety of teacher lead sessions on specific topics to their year group, along with sessions from outside providers including the Fire service, Magistrates and Five Lives.

Students also have theatre companies giving performances on various issues in certain year groups. This varies from year to year, but some previous examples are the ‘Soloman Theatre Company’ who gave a performance based around gangs, exploitation and drugs and ‘Alter Ego’ who gave a performance on raising the awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation.

We also take students through the Living Life To The Full (LLTTF) programme. This programme teaches key skills that aim to improve well-being and resilience. It happens over a six week period, with one session each week that is taught in a class room setting with a teacher. The sessions are based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and were developed by Dr Chris Williams, a Professor at the University of Glasgow.

PSHE also works closely with our Chaplains in terms of topics being delivered to students and for students having someone specific to chat to. Please see the Chaplains page for more information on this.

I strongly believe that having mentally and emotionally healthy students has a knock on effect on all areas of their lives, both personally and academically. It is this desire to equip and help our students that drives the PSHE programme to continue to evolve and grow, so that it is relevant and meaningful.

Personal, Social and Health Education Programme

Curriculum Overview – Medium