Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

We teach you how to think, not what to think.

RPE covers a range of views and issues so that students can learn about the world around them and come to their own, informed, conclusions. We work to ensure that RPE is relevant, engaging and thought provoking for all students, irrespective of faith or background. Students will gain a full GCSE from this course and be provoked to think, question and debate. All our topics throughout KS3 and KS4 will encourage students to develop keys skills such as empathy, evaluation, self-reflection, critical analysis and extended writing.

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 “Religious Education is probably the GCSE I’ve used most since leaving school. It wasn’t just about Christianity; it was about the way in which different people live. Going to India and Pakistan and having an understanding of that helped me no end. I think I’ve taken a little bit from every religion I’ve encountered.”

Freddie Flintoff MBE, television presenter and former England Cricket Captain

Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 3

Years 7 and 8 have one lesson per week and cover a range of stories, traditions and moral issues reflecting their lives, their community and their world.


Edexcel Religious Studies, syllabus B.

Year 9 – 11 all students have two lessons per week and complete a full GCSE qualification. This studies beliefs and moral issues in two religions – Christianity and Islam – as well as non-religious views.

Here are a complete set of knowledge organisers (RPE Revision Booklet) containing the key information for the eight GCSE topics.

Here is a sheet describing the structure of exam questions. This will be referred to in class regularly.

This is a breakdown of what is taught each week in RPE lessons. Though correct at the time of publishing, please note that this is reviewed and updated regularly – Weekly Breakdown

GCSE revision materials

The following links take you to past papers and their mark schemes:

2018 Christian exam

2018 Christian mark scheme

2018 Islam exam

2018 Islam mark scheme

2019 Christian Exam

2019 Christian Mark Scheme

2019 Islam Exam

2019 Islam Mark Scheme


Year 11 revision is every Week 2 Friday in HU4 from 3.15 – 4pm. All year 11s are welcome.


Tasks are always based around revision, published on Classcharts and are tested regularly in lessons.

GCSE Bitesize

In addition, the following website is excellent for GCSE revision. Use the links for Christianity and Islam –

Revision Guides

Many parents and carers ask us for advice on revision guides for GCSE. The following are all written specifically for our exam board and they all cover the same things (so there’s no point buying more than one!). The first is our favourite and written by the chief examiner.