St Luke’s
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Senior Leadership Team


Kealey Sherwood


I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of St. Luke’s Church of England School. St. Luke’s is a very special place with fantastic students and amazing staff. I feel very privileged to work alongside such dedicated staff, governors and volunteers, all of whom strive to provide the very best opportunities for our students. Our goal is simple, to provide the very best educational experience for our students to enable them to move on to their next aspirational step in education, employment or training. We aim to do this through high quality teaching, delivery of an academically challenging curriculum for all and by ensuring that every student feels happy and safe. We endeavour to add to every child’s experience through the provision of a vibrant extra-curricular programme and by opening their eyes to the wider world.

Everything we do at St. Luke’s is underpinned by our five core values; Showing Respect, Giving Hope, Taking Responsibility, Being Inclusive and Achieving Your Best. It is these values that ensure our students are happy, supported, nurtured and can enjoy school life in an exciting, friendly and purposeful atmosphere. We are extremely proud of our Christian distinctiveness and how this enables us to reach our vision of ensuring that every child can live ‘life to the full’.

St. Luke’s is a Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust school which is an 11-strong Trust responsible for the education of over 8,000 young people. The Trust was established in 2010 with the aim of creating an outstanding educational experience for all of Exeter’s children. As a Trust school we benefit vastly from the knowledge and expertise of a range of colleagues and have numerous opportunities in which to share good practice.

In 2019, our students achieved excellent results with the percentage of students achieving 5 or more subjects at grade 9-4 including English and Maths being 53. This is a fantastic testament to their hard work and determination but also to the team of dedicated staff that work here with them.

St. Luke’s is a wonderful school and at the very heart of this are the people. Our students are our best ambassadors as confident, respectful and caring young people who show immense pride in their school and achievements. We are so very proud of each and every one of them.

Victoria Griffin

Senior Deputy Headteacher (Quality of Education)

Mark Cahill

Deputy Headteacher (Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare)

Alex Evans

Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)

Lindsay Coren

Assistant Headteacher (Mathematics & Numeracy)

Sarah Norcliffe

Assistant Headteacher (Science & STEM)

Ellie Cox-Davies

Assistant Headteacher (English & Literacy)

Tamar Busby

Will Matthews

Senior Leader (Every Child Succeeds)

Joe Greenhalgh

Senior Leader (Humanities & Ethos)

Kerri Moore

Head of Business Support

Ali Phillips

Head of Student Services

Heads of Year

Head of Year 7 – Miss Oonagh Balue –

Head of Year 8 – Mrs Hannah Bvumbura – 

Head of Year 9 – Mr Theo Miller –

Head of Year 10 – Mr Marcus Pritchard –

Head of Year 11 – Mr Mat Kelly –

Heads of Department

Head of DT & Catering – Mr Alex Evans –

Head of English – Mrs Ellie Cox-Davies –

Head of Humanities – Mr Joe Greenhalgh –

Head of ICT & Computing – Mr Marc Jaremi –

Head of Maths – Mr Lindsay Coren –

Head of MFL – 

Head of PE – Mr Alex Evans –

Head of Science – Miss Sarah Norcliffe –

Head of Visual & Performing Arts – Mr Keith Horwood –



Admin, Cover, Student Support and Technicians

Administration Team:

Miss Claire Annunziata – Headteachers PA

Mr Nick Gillard – School Games Organiser –

Ms Maria Goodfellow – Attendance Administrator –

Mrs Amy Greenwood – Finance Assistant –

Mrs Tracey Hollis – Admin Assistant, Reception –

Mrs Amanda Kilby – Exams Officer –

Mrs Perdita Lowe – Clerk to the Governors –

Mrs Helen Martin – Library Resources Assistant –

Ms Kerri Moore – Head of Business Support –

Mrs Ali Phillips – Head of Student Services & Data Manager –

Mrs Karen Taylor – Attendance Administrator –

Mrs Jill Thomas – Admin Assistant, Reception –


Cover Team:

Mrs Sally Alford – Cover Supervisor –

Mrs Laura Pattison – Cover Supervisor, Parent Liaison Officer –

Mr Scott Townsend – Cover Supervisor –


Technician Team:

Mrs Bryony Bone – Science Technician –

Mr Ryan Hardisty – ICT Technician –

Mr Simon King – Science Technician –

Mrs Jane Uddin – Science Technician –


Student Support Team:

Mr Russell Pankhurst – Inclusion Manager –

Mrs Claire Russell-Tuck – Learning Mentor –

Mrs Marian Sercombe – Deputy Safeguarding Officer –

Mrs Bridget Sharratt – Deputy Safeguarding Officer –

Mrs Tracey Wadeley-Jones – Early Help and Family Support Co-ordinator –

Art, Drama and Music

Mr Keith Horwood – Head of Visual and Performing Arts

Mrs Katie

Miss Bethany Britland

Mr Jay Hallam

Miss Katie Hawker – 

Mrs Jennifer

Mr Simon

Design and Technology

Mr Julian 

Mrs Jennifer Munkley –



Mrs Ellie Cox-Davies – Assistant Headteacher (Head of English) –

Mrs Emma Britton – Lead Practitioner-

Miss Hannah Goddard – Assistant Head of English

Miss Oonagh Balue – Head of Year 7 –

Miss Milly

Mr Tendy Bvumbura – Associate Teacher –

Mrs Abigail Carter  –

Mrs Ashleigh

Mrs Theresa

Miss Alice

Miss Vickie



Mr Joe Greenhalgh – Senior Leader (Head of Humanities) –

Mr Mark

Mrs Chanelle Champion –

Mrs Justine Colborne –

Mrs Katherine Harrison-Ward –

Mr Nic Haynes –

Mr Theo Miller – Head of Year 9 –

Ms Sarah Padden –

Mrs Hannah Bvumbura – LttF Co-ordinator –

Miss Caitlin Wilson –

IT and Computing

Mr Marc Jaremi – Head of IT, Computing and Business Studies –

Mr Jay Hallam –



Mr Lindsay Coren – Assistant Headteacher (Head of Maths) –

Mr Nat Salisbury – Assistant Head of Maths –

Miss Emma Yates – Assistant Head of Maths –

Dr Simon Garrett –

Miss Bethany Finch –

Mr Faolan Lidstone –

Mr Will

Mr Mike Musson –

Miss Sarah Norcliffe –

Mrs Gemma Thornhill –


Modern Foreign Languages

Miss Sarah Moriarty –

Miss Noemie Pérénet –

Physical Education

Mr Alex Evans – Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning), Head of PE and Dance –

Mrs Hayley Antonello –

Miss Lucinda Baines –

Mr Mark 

Mr Julian

Mrs Lindsay Holt –

Mr Mat Kelly – Head of Y11, Head of Rutherford House –

Mr Marcus Pritchard – Head of Y9 –

Mrs Jess Robson – Head of Y8 –


Miss Sarah Norcliffe – Assistant Headteacher (Head of Science) –

Dr Gayle Passmore – Assistant Head of Science –

Miss Emma Bartlett –

Mr Aaron Causley –

Mr William

Mr Will

Miss Lisbet

Miss Katie Statton –

Miss Kate


Miss Tamar Busby – SENDCo –

Mrs Maria Eyre – Head of Learning Support –


Mr Steve

Mrs Lynn Gove – Lead TA – Student Learning & Literacy –

Mrs Karen

Mr Will

Dr David Parslow – Lead TA – SEMH –

Ms Natasha Quick – Lead TA – Sensory, Physical & Medical –

Mr Martin

Mrs Faye Small – Lead TA – Cognition & Learning –

Mrs Kim Tape – Lead TA – Communication & Interaction –

Miss Aimee

Miss Victoria