Student Competitions

We are launching a fortnightly competition for students in years 7-10. Every fortnight we will post a new competition for students, with a chance to win a prize! Scroll below to find some external competitions.


External Competition

Devon youth parliament is part of a national network of elected young people age 12-18 who are campaigning on issues that matter to our age group. This year, the national campaign is ‘Protect Our Future’ and as a group of Devon young people, we recognise how important this is for young people in this area but also across the world. 

To kick start our Devon campaign, ‘Greener Devon’, we have set up an environmental competition for ages 0-18 (see below)  and we would love for your students to get involved. We would like them to design a logo and/or poster about the environment for our campaign, Greener Devon.

The logo must be circular so we can use it on social media.

On the poster we would love to see ideas about how to help the environment and be eco-friendly.

There are 4 age categories, 0-6,7-11,12-15 and 16-18.

To submit entries, either email to or use the hashtag #greenerdevoncomp on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Please ask participants to include a name and age.

As a school, you might want to use this as part of a lesson plan or encourage your young people to follow us on Instagram (@devonyouthparliament)  – there’s so much we can be doing to protect our environment, even during lockdown!  

Thank you,

Devon youth parliament.