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I am delighted that you will be attending St Luke’s in September; we look forward to welcoming you all into our community. Our mission for every student that attends our school is to ensure that they live a full life when here with us and beyond in to their futures. We are hugely excited to be able to do this through the provision of an academically challenging curriculum that is coupled with extensive pastoral support and exciting enrichment.

Moving up to secondary school – “big school” – is a very emotional time for children. Some children feel very positively about it and are excited and can’t wait; others are more anxious and feel very nervous. We therefore provide a comprehensive transition process at St Luke’s that ensures that the move between primary and secondary school is a supported, personalised and smooth process that recognises the needs of each individual child.

I want to assure you that your child will be attending a school that is full of passionate staff that care deeply for every student. We have the highest aspirations for every one of them and will work alongside you to ensure that their time at St Luke’s is a fantastic five years that prepares them for life beyond school.

During the summer term Miss Balue, Head of Year 7, and other key staff from St Luke’s, will be contacting your child’s primary school in order to talk with year 6 teachers and/or the Head of Year 6 to discuss every student who is coming to us in September. Our SENDCo staff, Ms Busby and Mrs Eyre, will then have a subsequent discussion with the primary school SENDCo about any students identified as having special educational needs to ensure that we are fully briefed for their arrival and can therefore offer the highest level of support during the transition process and starting school in September.

During the Summer term we host our Information Evening for parents of our new Year 7s. This evening is an opportunity to introduce parents to what life is like at St Luke’s, what you can expect from us as a school, and also for you to ask any questions in advance of the transition events the following week. (This event is for parents only.)

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s transition from primary to secondary school please do not hesitate to contact Miss Balue, Head of Year at

Finally, I just again take this opportunity to welcome you to the St Luke’s community. It will be an absolute pleasure to work with you to create the very best educational experience for your child.

Mr Harrison Littler


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Your journey into Year 7 starts here!  Some of you may be experienced linguists, and others may have very little knowledge of a foreign language.  At St Luke’s we give you the choice of which language (French or Spanish) you would like to study in Year 7.  You may be absolutely certain which one you would like to study, or you may have no idea.  To help you make the decision take a look at the links to BBC Bitesize below.  Think about which words sound familiar from the English (cognates), which language you like the sound of, and even which one you can imitate the accent for really well!  We will send you a form to complete after Easter and you need these returned by Friday 13th May.

St Luke’s is a wonderful place; is a school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.


Having seen the amazing impact of our coaching programme, we're proud to have been selected as a Steplab Coaching Hub, supporting leaders to implement high quality professional development across their school. We love visitors and you're guaranteed lots of practical ideas and bottomless tea, coffee and biscuits! To find out more about our approach to instructional coaching, check out this free downloadable beginner's'guide written by Peps McCrea, Director of Research at Steplab. To book a coaching hub visit to our school, just email the friendly team at