Vision & Values
Life to the Full

Jesus said ‘I have come that they might have life to the full’. He was offering his early followers a whole new kind of existence – a new way to be human. This title includes embracing social justice, forgiving people that hurt you and living generously.”

In our context at St Luke’s, we aspire to help each young person experience life in all of its fullness. This includes their social, physical, spiritual and academic progression.

Showing Respect

All of our community treat one another with dignity and respect. By treating each other in this way, we acknowledge the God-given value and worth that is in each person.

Being inclusive

We welcome all students regardless of background, race or faith. We view each student through the lens of their potential and not through the labels that have been applied by themselves or others.

Giving hope

We support and encourage our students to overcome adversity, give hope in times of difficulty and nurture resilience.

Achieving your best

We expect all our students to do their best in all subjects and extra-curricular activities. We celebrate effort and achievement. A full life is determined, in part, by the energy and effort that we put in.

Taking responsibility

We enable and encourage students at St Luke’s to be ‘good stewards’ of their own lives and of the world around them by taking personal responsibility for themselves, their learning and their environment.

St Luke’s is a wonderful place.
A school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school.

Kealey Sherwood, Headteacher