Why choose
St Luke’s?

St Luke’s is a voluntary controlled Church of England School and part of the rapidly growing Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust.

St Luke’s is a wonderful place. A school full of staff who are dedicated to improving the life chances of every student that attends the school. We work closely with other schools in the Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust and are part of a wider family who all believe passionately in high quality education for all.

Choosing a school is like choosing a home; it has to feel right. At St Luke’s there is real excitement coupled with a sense of aspirational purpose. We pride ourselves on being a family and are extremely proud of our high aspirations that are coupled with fun, happiness and warmth.

We are proud of our school and are always delighted to show it off to prospective pupils and their parents, so please do book in to come and see us!

Our vision is to ensure that our community, both staff and students live ‘life to the full’ with this being underpinned by our five core values;

Taking responsibility
Being inclusive
Showing respect
Giving hope
Achieving your best

St Luke’s is a school that has the very highest expectations of, and for, our students. We enable each and every one of them to become ‘good stewards’ of their own lives and of the world around them by taking personal responsibility for themselves, their learning and their environment. All of our community treat one and another with dignity and respect and we are incredibly proud of our Christian ethos.

Our staff are an incredibly committed team who have a very clear goal:  ‘to enable every child at St Luke’s to have the best educational experience possible, full of enriching opportunities and the right balance of support and challenge so that they achieve their very best. We aim to enable every child to make a positive next step in their education, training and future employment so that they are fully prepared to live ‘life to the full’.  We do this by ensuring that we deliver excellent teaching in every classroom day in, day out and by providing an academically challenging curriculum that is personalised for every child and promotes high aspirations and achievement.

This is coupled with a vibrant and exciting extra-curricular programme where students can choose to engage in the arts, sport, debating, the outdoors and much, much more.

I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of this wonderful school and would welcome anyone to come to visit us and see for yourself how amazing our staff and students really are.

Please also take the opportunity to enjoy our school video which, again, demonstrates the excitement that we experience day in day out here at St Luke’s and also download a copy of our school prospectus.

Applying to St Luke’s

St Luke’s CofE School is part of the Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust which is the admissions authority.

The Local Governing Board have determined to operate admissions on the same basis as that used by Devon County Council for Community Secondary Schools.

Some admissions functions will be delivered by the School Admissions Team of Devon County Council under a traded service agreement.

Visiting our school

We welcome visits from parents and children considering applying for a place here. This is an opportunity to see what we have to offer.

Visits are not a compulsory part of the admissions process and will not affect decisions on whether a place can be offered at our school however they do give a valuable insight into life at St Luke’s. If you would like to visit our school, you should contact the school to make an appointment. Our open evening and open mornings for prospective new Year 7 students are held in the Autumn term. Visits at other times of the year are always welcome. Please contact the main office to discuss available dates and arrangements for these 01392 204600 or via office@stlukescofe.school

Having seen the amazing impact of our coaching programme, we're proud to have been selected as a Steplab Coaching Hub, supporting leaders to implement high quality professional development across their school. We love visitors and you're guaranteed lots of practical ideas and bottomless tea, coffee and biscuits! To find out more about our approach to instructional coaching, check out this free downloadable beginner's'guide written by Peps McCrea, Director of Research at Steplab. To book a coaching hub visit to our school, just email the friendly team at hello@steplab.co